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About Us

We are Trust & Charity Organization

Vishwanath Care works essentially through grassroots associations to bring profound established manageable changes in individual's lives. We work for the poorest and the socially avoided groups by assembling them to battle for more noteworthy monetary and social changes.


Affecting the Lives of
Over a Billion People

Vishwanath Care’s vision is to impact the lives of all Indians in the most positive and wholesome manner for the long run. We want to help Indians living in both the rural as well as urban communities enjoy the fruits of a meaningful and socially productive lifestyle. By helping our fellow citizens grow in their personal and professional lives, we wish to create a sustainable impact that will last for generations to come. Our entire team shares a unified vision to see India turn into a global superpower by the end of this decade.


Together We Can
Make a Difference

With a strong community of over 50 members and a 100 volunteers, our team at Vishwanath Care is growing at an exponential phase today. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for over a billion people by affecting their lives at the grass-roots level. We wish to ensure that every Indian has complete and unfiltered access to all the basic human rights for survival. With active campaigns, programmes, camps and financial as well as legal aid, we want to create an impact that will prepare India to compete with the best in the world.

Our Initiatives

  • Education & Literacy Awareness Programmes
  • Women's Development & Empowerment Programmes
  • Health Camp
  • Legal Awareness & Aid
  • Aged/Elderly Rehabilitation