Our Initiatives


To open, found, established, promote , set up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support or aid or help in setting up or maintaining or running schools, colleges, lecture halls & other establishments or institutions for advancement of education & of knowledge of arts, science, nature humanities & all other useful subject & all their manifestations, to start adult education & educations for all programmes.

Education is the food for life. Without access to the basic education, a human cannot survive in today’s extremely fast-paced world. Unfortunately, a considerable portion of the Indian population still does not have the access to basic education. At Vishwanath Care, we are working hard to change these conditions. Our team is helping kids, as well as adults, get access to the basic human right of education in India.

Here’s what we are doing to lead our country towards a brighter future.

  • Construction of Educational Institutes
  • We provide the necessary financial as well as moral support in the construction of various educational institutes like schools and colleges. We also fortify the existing structures of these institutes with new facilities such as gymnasiums, reading rooms, libraries, etc.

  • Maintenance of Educational Institutes
  • We offer support for the healthy maintenance and operation of the educational institutes. By encouraging students to take up the primary, secondary as well as the higher education we hope to raise the bar of literacy throughout urban and rural India.

  • Spreading Awareness for Environmental Education
  • We work in close conjunction with several organizations that spread the awareness of afforestation, plantation as well as wastage reduction. We have directly helped several factories reuse or dispose of their waste products in an environment-friendly manner.

  • Offer Yoga and Ayurveda Training
  • Our team strongly believes in the importance of physical fitness. Therefore, we are constantly spreading the word of physical fitness by teaching Yoga and Ayurveda in schools as well as colleges.

  • Teaching the Art of Dynamic Living
  • By teaching the art of dynamic living we are helping people discover their true inner spiritual self. We organize seminars to help people find the answers to all questions related to life, love, existence as well as happiness.

  • Setting Up Vocational and Training Institutes
  • Setting up the practical training institutes has helped us open new doors of employment opportunities for people across the country. We help people of all ages learn critical employment skills so that they can earn for themselves as well as their families.

  • Promote Science and Research in Medicine
  • We have actively promoted the importance of research in the medical field. By providing monetary as well as moral support to the aspiring researchers we have successfully helped people achieve their dreams.

  • Promote Traditional India Values
  • Our team has spread the importance as well as benefits of traditional Indian values throughout the country.

  • Organize Social and Educational Retreats
  • By organizing social and educational retreats we have helped people find zen in their lives. The enriching experience of the retreat helps people refocus on their roles in the society and contribute towards its active growth.

  • Promote and Construct Different Ways to Encourage Sports
  • We have also offered our support in the construction of gymnasiums and sports centres to help talented young individuals develop their sports skills.

By spreading the word of importance and taking actionable measures, we are successfully helping the current, as well as the next generations of India, get ready for an exciting future.







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Women & Child