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Not everyone in India can afford the best lawyers. Instead, several people from the rural areas cannot afford to hire any lawyer to fight a legal battle on their behalf. This inability often translates to a huge loss in the eyes of the law. At Vishwanath Care, we have taken a vow to help justice prevail at any cost. We help the poorwith the necessary legal or financial support to win a case. We ensure that the rich do not exploit the financial weakness of the poor to win cases unfairly.

We provide the following legal services to the citizens of India.

  • 1. Provide Legal Support
  • The primary function of our legal team is to provide the necessary legal support to poor people who need it. We offer our legal services for free or extremely subsidized rates to the people who do not have the financial capacity to fight their own legal battles. We have partnered with some of the best lawyers in the country that will ensure that the poor get a fair trial against the rich. These lawyers have accumulated several years of experience in fighting tough legal cases at village, city, district, state as well as national levels.

  • Financial Support
  • We also provide the necessary financial support to the poor to help them hire a renowned lawyer who can fight the legal battles for them.

  • Build Trusts
  • We have provided ample support to the community by helping villages establish a strong trust to manage their finances effectively. Our team governs these trusts and maintains them in the initial stages up to the point where they can run sustainably on their own.

  • Run Organizations/Community Centres
  • We also run several organizations and community centres across the country to foster good communication between people.

  • Fight Against Corruption and Crime
  • Our team has taken a strong stand against crime and corruption of the police officers in the country. Our team of lawyers have fought several counts of legal battles against the system and emerged victoriously. They know all the tricks in the book to win complicated legal battles effectively.

  • Support Charitable Organizations
  • We also provide managerial and legal support to smaller charitable organizations to create a ripple effect so that more and more lives are affected positively.

  • Accept and Distribute Donations
  • We accept and distribute donations to various charitable organizations across the country so that they can create a humane effect at the micro-level. We work closely in conjunction with some of the biggest as well as smallest charitable organizations in the country.

  • Teach Law
  • We encourage and enable students to learn the nuances of the legal system in India so that they can become fine lawyers.

  • Participate in Rural and Urban Development Projects
  • Our team participates in several development projects to lend the necessary financial and legal support.

We interact with the civic authorities at multiple levels within the country. Our long list of contacts helps us move quickly through the legal system for a fair trial.







Other Initiatives

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Women & Child