Our Initiatives


Vishwanath Care was established to help the citizens of our beloved country enjoy a more filling and meaningful life. We believe that the foundation of a good life is good health. Therefore, we commit our resources to help the government create a healthier lifestyle for its citizens. We do the following activities provide the necessary help.

  • Provide Affordable Medication
  • By setting up maintaining as well as running dispensaries, we distribute high-quality medicines to poor people at subsidized rates. We have also fortified the overall infrastructure of several hospitals and dispensaries to equip them with the best diagnostic tools for early detection of diseases.

  • Provide Financial Support to Poor People
  • We provide the necessary financial aid to poor people who need to go through an expensive medical procedure to live normally. With this financial support, we have transformed the lives of several individuals as well as families across the country.

  • Offer Yoga and Ayurveda Training
  • By offering the Yoga and Ayurveda training through classrooms, we are targeting the concept of healthy living at the root levels. We wish to impart the knowledge of healthy living to the young generation of the nation so that they can lead successful and hearty lives.

  • Teach the Art of Dynamic Living
  • By hosting seminars and retreat sessions we are teaching professionals how to deal with the stress in life. We enable them to have a positive outlook towards life and help them channelize their energies towards a happy mindset.

  • Promote Sports
  • We actively promote sports and their health benefits by constructing and maintaining gymnasiums in community centres as well as schools. We have upgraded the infrastructure of several schools and colleges with the necessary sports equipment.

  • Establish the Means to Avail Clean and Hygienic Water
  • By constructing and maintaining tube wells, tanks as well as water reservoirs, we have helped millions of people across the nation get access to clean water. We also grant the necessary financial aid as well as support to help villages install their own source of healthy groundwater.

  • Promote Healthy Agriculture and Dairy Farming
  • By promoting the best practices for healthy farming, we have helped several farmers produce a better and more resilient yield of crops over the years. We also provide the necessary grants and financial support to the farmers who need to purchase land, equipment or fertilizers for a healthy farming experience.

  • Set Up Meditation Centres
  • We teach the art of meditation at several community centres across the country. We have also set up dedicated meditation centres to help the people breathe more naturally and become more productive in their work environment.

  • Establish Welfare Centres for Challenged Children
  • By establishing trusts and welfare foundations for challenged children we have educated several blind, paralyzed and specially-enabled children. We hope to help them lead a normal and successful life in the highly competitive environment of our country.

We are constantly finding new ways to help people lead a healthier life than before. By spreading the word of awareness, we are educating people in urban as well as rural India to live a happier life.







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Women & Child