Who We Are

What makes us Different

Vishwanath Care is a trust that focuses on improving the quality of life for people living in both rural as well as urban India. This singular goal opens our portfolio up to various activities that help us increase the quality of life across the nation. We care deeply about both the people as well as the environment.

We Care About People

We know that a good ratio of the population in India still does not have the access to basic human rights. With deep care and attention, we hope to change this scenario soon. Our team is currently helping people in the following ways.

Vishwanath Care is one of its kind complete ecosystem of an end-to-end caretaker for humans as well as the environment.


We help people establish meaningful connections in their lives so that they can enjoy a mental peace of mind. As social animals, it is important that every human cherishes love, care and support from fellow human beings. We have taken up several projects that involve the construction and operation of community centres and welfare centres. These places foster social interaction in the most effective manner possible.


With classical and vocational education campaigns we have helped several people grow and succeed in their personal as well as professional lives. We have offered the necessary financial and moral support to several small schools, colleges as well as lecture halls. Our team also runs an active spiritual upliftment program that teaches people how to achieve true inner happiness and compassion.


Our team has provided the necessary financial support to poor people to help them lead a more filling life. With help in form of cash, we have enabled the marriage of poor girls according to the classic Vedic literature.

Swach Bharat Abhiyaan

Our team actively participates in the Swach Bharat Abhiyan to keep India neat and clean. We have also approached several factories that dump their waste directly into wastelands and rivers to help them establish more sustainable methods of dealing with waste.

Plantation Nurseries

We are active contributors to the afforestation plans that span across rural as well as urban India.

Mass Communication

We promote, manage as well as post articles in newspapers and magazines to spread awareness for the environmental crisis.







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