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Vishwanath Care makes a lot of efforts to ease and improve the life of people in poor regions. Our charity organization supports programs in the areas of education, rural development, healthcare, arts and culture, and destitute care. Our mission is to work in remote regions of several states in India.

At Vishwanath Care, we offer a wide range of services to the people in need. Our aim is to help the people of India stand on their own two feet as soon as possible. We believe that helping people create a self-sustainable lifestyle is the best way to help them succeed and lead a happy life. The services that we offer include:

Our singular aim to help people live a better and more sustainable life drives us to work every single day.


Our team works hard to sow the seed of knowledge into the minds of both adults as well as children. We work hard to make sure that every Indian has access to the basic right of education. We go to great lengths to provide both moral as well as financial support to the people in need. Here are a few ways in which we have truly transformed the education space with our charitable efforts:

  1. Set up several financial institutions across the nation
  2. Provide the means for primary, secondary as well as higher education of young kids
  3. Fortify the infrastructure for the schools as well as colleges
  4. Organize Yoga retreats to spread the importance of physical fitness in life
  5. Set up vocational institutes to empower people
  6. Help people learn the necessary life and work skills to help them find a job


After months of research, we have made a wholesome list of to-do tasks that we can commit our resources to. We want to help the government provide better means of health to all the citizens of our country. Our team understands that there are several places wherein it can help the nation provide a more sustainable environment for its citizens. We provide the following services to help the country improve its standard of living and health:

  1. Establish, manage as well as organize medical institutes to enable students pursuing medicinal knowledge
  2. Run, maintain, takeover, etc. various dispensaries to distribute high-quality medicines at subsidized prices
  3. Provide the financial assistance to poor people who need critical medical attention
  4. Offer Ayurveda training through classrooms


We have also contributed a lot of our time and financial resources in helping people establish meaningful human connections with other people. With the following practices we have created a more social and interactive environment for people going through depression or other critical mental illnesses:

  1. Setting up community centres to foster the growth of a more active and interactive society
  2. Building libraries and reading rooms in community centres, schools as well as colleges
  3. Maintaining and running welfare centres for children as well as adults in need of critical health and financial support

Environmental Care

We have also played a major role in helping the people improve the overall quality of their lives by tackling pollution and other deadly environmental effects of urbanization. Here are a few ways in which our team has helped improve the levels of environmental sustainability in the country.

  1. Prevent factories from dumping hazardous waste into wastelands as well as rivers
  2. Help manufacturing plants establish a more environment-friendly way of recycling waste products







Our Approach

We believe our work can change the lives of people suffering from hunger, illnesses and poverty for a long term. So we campaign to make the world a fairer place for people with disabilities, illnesses and poverty and we tackle the causes behind these problems. Browse our website for more in-depth information about our work.

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