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Women & Health

At Vishwanath Care, we understand the plight of women as well as children in India. The women’s rights were almost non-existent in India for the past few centuries. With recent developments and women empowerment projects, India has started identifying, recognizing and respecting the rights of both women and children.

While the women in urban settlements can speak their minds freely, the women in the rural areas still have a long way to go. At Vishwanath Care, our team members are working hard to empower and help the women as well as the children in the following ways.

  • Education Support

Education for girls is a major problem in the rural parts of the nation. Our team is working with the government as well as independently to establish various education centres across the nation. We deal with both the conventional as well as vocational forms of education.

For conventional education, we are actively setting up new schools and tuition centres so that more and more children can receive the gift of knowledge at subsidized costs. We also incentivize the process of schooling for children in extremely poor neighbourhoods by providing clean food and water to the students.

  • Legal Support

We provide the necessary legal and financial support to women as well as children who cannot afford to fight legal cases in India. Our team has multiple contacts in the legal department to expedite their concerns for quicker resolution.

We are working hard towards the eradication of gender-based inequality by running educational campaigns across the country. We believe that with the right representation in complicated legal scenarios, women will have a better chance of going through a fair trial. We are also working in conjunction with other NGOs to eradicate social problems such as dowry and child marriage.

  • Health Support

The government of India has come a long way since Independence in the distribution of vaccines and medicines for common diseases like Polio. However, several small-scale diseases still go unnoticed and claim millions of lives in India every year. Our team provides the necessary financial assistance to poor people so that they lead a healthy and happy life. We also run immunization and vaccination campaigns so that more and more people can have unfiltered access to high-quality medicines directly from the government.

Our team has also partnered with some of the most renowned doctors and surgeons across the nation to provide medical treatments at a subsidized cost. We have also helped several villages set up their own hospitals and clinics so that people can have access to the necessary medical treatment on time. Our team has set up access to clean food and water for people who are in dire need of these life-sustaining elements. With the support of our active community of volunteers and members, we have set up clean means of sanitation and sewage disposal in several villages across India.







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Women & Child

Women & Child